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The mind is everything. What we think, we become. --Buddha

Falcon Heavy

Funniest thing I’ve read this year…

Text from hubby, Tom, moments after the Falcon Heavy launch from Cape Canaveral today:

Did you just watch the rocket launch? It’s the one that has a Tesla on it… it’s going to Mars AND returning! (That car lost so much value the second it left the launch pad)… alternate joke (hard to sell a car with a 100million miles on it).


How can you not love that guy.

irony at its best

am i the only one amused by this?
the note posted by the office coffee maker says: "if you spill sugar/creamer or anything else — please wipe it up" is, itself, covered in coffee stains.

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Creative or Account Person? Her business card says Account Supervisor. But people who know her know she loves design, architecture and, most of all, her artist husband. You could say she "gets" creative. And that’s good, an AE with equal right and left lobes. However, there’s no equal when it comes to shaping brands and servicing her clients. A strategic thinker who gets the big picture but doesn’t miss the important details, Marie thrives on planning and developing effective work. After being on our team for more than a decade, she left to get Brand experience on the client side in the hospitality business, but is now back with even more arrows in her quiver. We knew she’d be back, a dyed-in-the-wool downtowner, you’ll usually find her toiling in her garden, biking it to work or walking the lakes for inspiration.